DMI, formerly Fellowship for Athletes, welcomes people from all walks of life to volunteer and even participate in our programs, and most importantly to learn of the greatest gift given to men, Jesus Christ the righteous. DMI is where character is built based upon biblical principles as inspired by the inerrant word of God. Our goal is to "Prepare people for Eternity."

DMI serves as a resource for the youth community at large by utilizing a three-part activity model:


We introduce and expose individuals to Christian biblical principles that can be learned and applied to everyday life, enabling each person to not only grow physically, but spiritually. We hope to give them an understanding of the path that they are on and help them to realize the impact that the choices they make will have on their families, teammates, friends and society as a whole.

Basketball Training & Education

We provide a high quality and affordable service that assists our youth in developing their knowledge by exposing them to various basketball programs. In addition, we provide pertinent educational material needed in establishing this knowledge.

Skill Development & Training

We apply highly intense training in the fundamental areas of spiritual, social, and physical development. In addressing these fundamental areas, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and train/develop them accordingly.

Fundamental #1

Sports are an excellent means of communication. Similar to music, sports has a universal language, in that, terminology may vary, but the foundation of the language is rooted in the rules, regulations, and style of play.

DMI has chosen to use Athletics as its means of communication for the following reasons:

  • Athletics transcends gender, age, race, and religion
  • Athletics is a credible and relevant tool of communication with all people
  • Athletics is an excellent way to build and establish relationships
  • Athletics is competitive and entertaining

Fundamental #2

We have 4 key values that we want to instill in the hearts and minds of our coaches and players. These are values that we believe will produce great people and a great team.

These 4 values are:

  • Team
  • Do Your Best
  • Aim for Excellence
  • Opportunity/Honor

We want to teach and emphasize team in everything we do within DMI Athletics. The old adage really is true, together everyone achieves more. We want to create within our programs a sense of family, loyalty, community and respect for each other as players and coaches. If we all do our job and do it to the best of our ability then the job will get done, and be done with excellence that bring glory to God. If half of us do things one way and half of us another, then it’s unlikely we will achieve much "...A house divided against itself shall not stand." Matthew 12:25

Do Your Best
We want to see coaches and players give their best and have passion and commitment for what they do

Aim for excellence
It’s easy to teach the fundamentals of athletics, but it is harder to teach passion for the game and for life in general. The major factor that separates the good from the great in every walk of life is who are those who are giving their whole hearts and efforts into what they are doing? We want to as coaches and players to inspire passion and maximum effort in each other in everything we do. Our focus is not winning, but putting maximum effort into everything.

We want to create an athletic outreach, which gives young men and women a sense of honor to be a part of. And we want to create an environment of opportunity. It is true that people succeed or fail based upon weather they have a vision to go somewhere or not. We want coaches and players to believe they have an opportunity as part of this outreach to grow and succeed and help them get a vision for how to do that.